Communications Materials for Genzyme Haverhill Operations

In late 2007 we were commissioned to develop a new look for Genzyme Haverhill Operations communications materials.

In a process lasting just over a year, Pure Energy, our partner organisation Gold PR and representation from Genzyme met regularly to review the project. Our work focused on defining key messages about Genzyme Haverhill Operations and developing new communications materials to better signify and define the changing face of the organisation as it continues to widen and deepen its portfolio of manufacturing and distribution services within the Genzyme Corporation.

A coherent colour palette, typographic style, design layout and photographic style have now been developed to create a look that aligns with the Genzyme Corporate brand but is sufficiently distinct to become firmly identified with Genzyme at Haverhill.

The colour palette for the new identity has been drawn from colours associated with Genzyme at Haverhill, with the site's landmark architecture acting as a well-spring of inspiration. The primary grey of the new identity, or to use its correct name - ‘Cool Grey' - references the silver grey of the main building as well as symbolising the dominant stainless steel of the manufacturing facility. While retaining the familiar Genzyme green, the new look juxtaposes this with eye-catching orange and purple colours. Effective use of white space in design layout presents a sharper and cleaner image that is visually dynamic and communicates Genzyme's stature and professional edge.

The new look has been rolled out in a series of brochures for the site, in display posters, invitations, digital presentations and the monthly newsletter, The Pulse.
This commission has also involved creating a new photographic library for the site.