Brand Creation

Pure Energy is a Cambridge Brand Management Company.

The definition of brand has become one of the mantras of modern society. But although there are many misconceptions, especially regarding logos, there’s really no mystery. Building an effective brand is just about a whole lot more than logo and design.

Branding is created through images, colours, words, message, graphics and sounds; these are the communication tools that generate an identity. Smart design can and does make an enormous impact. But however striking the design it will not turn base metal into gold. What really makes a good brand brilliant is a consistently excellent product or service. A logo’s power simply lies in its potential to create a visual link to the brand values.

Successful branding is also about understanding marketing management, developing and refining strategy, defining a framework, executing the solution and monitoring outcome. We have proven experience in these areas.

What’s more, we won’t waste your time. We believe in straight talk, smart thinking and sound ideas. And we deliver on our promise.

Pure Energy’s team includes graphic designers, programmers, photographers, marketing and PR professionals. Our skills lie in identifying the positive differences of your business as as well as what makes it unique and interesting. This isn’t as easy as it sounds for the answers are rarely obvious. But we will ask the right questions.

We want to make your brand work for you. This might mean starting afresh or even getting your present brand to work harder. Certainly, revamping a brand can reinvigorate an organisation and expose it to fresh markets. A strong brand with consistent reinforcement will differentiate and distinguish you from your competitors. It will shape perceptions and enhance recognition. It will drive sales. We will help you determine the values of your product or service and translate these into a brand identity that is engineered to capture the personality of your organisation and breathe life into your promotional material.

Think of Virgin or Coca Cola. Simply referring to the names results in an immediate perception and recognition of what those companies represent. That said, establishing a brand is no longer the sole domain of big business. Our range of clients is varied and includes small to medium enterprises, government bodies and international organisations.

Through Brand Management of your brand we will advise you on how to control the visual elements, messages and values that form your brand identity, ensuring these remain consistent and pertinent.

We invest a lot in winning a new client account. Our knowledge, experience and input will form the basis for developing your brand. We believe in straight talk, sound ideas, genuine interest and smart thinking. Essentially vision builds brands. Our experience and expertise will help you unify your vision and communicate your excellence.

We will share your objectives. If we don’t get it right for your business, we don’t get it right for ours. We believe in working in partnership with our clients and aim to establish long-term relationships, which deliver creativity, commitment and value.