Founded in 1997, Pure Energy is a multimedia company now based in Cambridge. We cover all areas of digital media - web design, print design, online and offline marketing, Internet, audio, video and DVD.
In the company's early years, our understanding of high impact technology, programming expertise and contemporary design skills enabled us to specialise in dynamic websites built on solid and stable infrastructures.
As a result, our profile has grown. Pure Energy now employs a talented team of creative and technical professionals with significant experience in the Internet development and communications fields. Specialising in marketing and communications, our full service capabilities and sound commercial sense ensure we can take virtually any project forward from conception through to completion, integrating all the features necessary to create an effective brand and a powerful marketing presence.
We will always offer the best solution and we only ever promise what is possible. Trust, integrity and customer expectations are paramount. The web offers a glittering realm of opportunities for businesses large and small. We are able to advise on the best course to follow to reap those benefits.

For more information about our web design department please visit the old Pure Energy Multimedia web site.

For more information about our hosting and internet service department please visit the HavNet web site.