iMap Cloud Email

iMap Cloud EmailiMap Email is a system that lets you store all of your emails, replies and attachments on our cloud servers.

Why would you want to do this?
Because it allows you to easily access your emails from any connected device synchronising instantly between them all. You can have your emails on your desktop PC at work, access them all from your iPhone or SmartPhone whilst out of the office, and even from your iPad or Tablet whilst sitting at home infront of the telly!

iPad, Iphone Email ServiceThe great part is that when you delete an email from one of the devices, it deletes immediately from all of them. And when you reply to an email from one device the reply is accessible from the others too.

Seemless, integrated, time saving and extremely convenient.

What is the cost?

A single iMap email account with a huge 25 Gigabytes of storage space is just £5.99 per month and we offer a discount for multiple accounts :

1st Account - £5.99 Per Month
2nd Account - £4.99 Per Month
3rd Account - £3.99 Per Month
More Accounts - £2.99 Per Month

Is it easy to migrate?
Yes, pure energy will do all of the work of migrating your email to iMap and send you all the account details to enter into your phone, desktop PC or tablet.

Will you configure my phone / tablet for me?

We can do this for you but you will need to bring the device to our offices in Haverhill. It shouldn't really be neccessary, but we're here to help. However, we would have to charge for the time involved in doing so.

Does the iMap account offer the same facilities of the excellent HavNetMail account?
Yes! It is hosted on the same servers as our HavNetMail system and comes with AntiVirus and AntiSpam as standard. You will also be able to continue to use the same webmail system which also synchronises with all other devices.

Is it reliable?
If you already use our HavNetMail system you'll be pleased to here that our iMap system is based on the same technology and is extremely resiliant. It is a commerce grade system which is backed up both in terms of data, power supply, and connectivity making it supremely reliable.

I currently have my email hosted elsewhere - can I move to you?
Yes, of course you can. We never turn away a new customer! There are a number of ways we can help you. We can either transfer your email hosting to our servers or your entire website hosting. Just give us a call on 01440 709794 - we'd be pleased to discuss the options available to you.

I want to upgrade - what should I do?
Give us a call on 01440 709794 or email on
and we'll get things organised for you.